Meet Tara Brennan

Tara Brennan, san diego psychic




Hi beautiful soul.
I’m Tara, welcome to my website.
I’m a trained counselor, clairvoyant psychic, transmedium healer, energy healer, meditation teacher, Reiki Master Teacher, certified yoga teacher and the Director of Energy Arts Academy. In other words I’m the CEI or Chief Executive Intuitive! My formal training is in counseling and art. I have a B.S. degree from City University of New York/Hunter College with a double major in Psychology and Fine Art and one year of study at NYU in the Social Work Masters program. I was planning on being an art therapist before my energy healing career took off.

I’m fascinated by the intersection of the spiritual with the physical and bridging the gap between the cosmic realms and earthly existence in our day to day life. I believe the spirit part of us is supposed to be in charge of the body/mind part of us. For most of us we have to retrain and reprogram and come into that alignment, it is not how we were raised unfortunately. As we do, and we put energy mastery techniques in to practice, we begin to get awesome results.

Beautiful “unshakeable” peace and joy within can be the new normal, my students and I are living proof! Where there was pain, lack and stuckness, a new you can be born, the true you. My path of transformation has enabled me to lighten up at the cellular level and express more of my true self in many areas of life. This process has been the best gift to myself and it continues to be a miraculous unfolding. I’ve seen this same transformation in so many students and clients too. We have dedicated our time to meditating and studying and going through spiritual growth periods to achieve these results. And it was all so worth it. I would love to guide YOU in this same process of ‘lightening up.’ This is my calling in life to do this ‘lightwork.’

By this point I have helped thousands of people all over the globe on my path as a professional healer and teacher these last 23 years. Over and over again I see tangible results unfold for my clients and students, as they put the practices into motion and receive regular healing work. These results are manifested in all areas of life… health, mental wellness, energy levels, relationships, work, finances, fun, life purpose, spiritual meaning, creativity, femininity and masculinity, etc.san diego psychic, clairvoyant healing san diego

I’m particularly excited about what I’ve been doing for the past 11 years. Eleven years ago I began a path of intensive spiritual training beginning with clairvoyancy. Actually, I’m a third generation psychic, but it wasn’t until my clairvoyancy training that I really owned it. I have always been very empathic and intuitive my whole life but my studies allowed these innate talents to flourish. My full training has consisted of clairvoyancy training, teacher training, transmediumship training and spiritual leadership training, a total of 8 years of study beginning in 2007. And I’m still a student, always a student.

I didn’t plan to open Energy Arts Academy it just happened, as I was so passionate about sharing the techniques and tools that were transforming my life. I opened up the school in 2010. It has been an incredible journey and here we are, still at it 8 years later! We have a growing community and the Spiritual Leadership Team too – they are a group of advanced students at the Academy who are now assistant teachers and professional healers offering their services too.

We’re all looking forward to getting to know you. Thanks for stopping by to check us out, we hope to see you soon!