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You have a true gift

My experience with you on Friday was nothing short of amazing. The energy that I experienced during the reiki session was strange….but nice….and since the session…..I just feel ‘more free’…….I’m not describing it well….but my awareness and openness is just greater. You have a true gift.
- Greg Johnson

My concentration has increased along with my chances to win

In early June I began taking Tara’s Meditation class with hopes that it would in some way turn things around in my personal life and professional golfing career. Well did it ever. My personal life has made a complete 180 degree turnaround and my golf hasn’t been this good in two years. As far as golf goes I have placed in the top 20 in 7 out of 10 tournaments this summer. I have 4 top 10 finishes and 2 top five finishes. I have had a chance to win three times. It is getting really close to a victory for me, I can feel it! Prior to June I had played in 16 events with 9 top 20 finishes, 3 top 10 finishes, and 1 top five finish a victory. Prior to practicing meditation my scoring average was 71.09 ( 16 events) and since practicing meditation with Tara my scoring average has dropped almost 2 full strokes to 69.45 ( 10 events). These statistics may not mean a whole lot to you, but to me, since I have been practicing meditation with Tara, my concentration, my production and my consistency levels have increased along with my chances to win. In professional golf it is all about winning and the more you put yourself in a position to win the better you get at closing the deal. Even though I haven’t won since I have started practicing Meditation, I have had three opportunities and I feel that I am on the right track to reach my goals and that’s what is most important. Tara’s Meditation class has not only helped me play better golf it has helped me heal injuries and mentally become stronger in my day to day life. I would highly recommend trying Tara’s Meditation class….see for yourself.
- Chris S.

She creates a non-judgemental and supportive environment

A few months ago, I never would have thought that I would be consistently meditating. Reason being: most of the people I know who will openly admit to meditating are usually exceptionally strange. They usually don’t wear deodorant, have bumper stickers on their car that condemn the consumption of delicious red meat, and have never had the electrifying thrill of firing a gun. This was my perception prior to attending one of Tara’s classes. She creates a non-judgmental and supportive environment for each person to find Center. Since I have been sitting, my life has improved dramatically. I need less sleep, I don’t check my email at work every 10 minutes, and due to my new ‘centeredness’ the Parole Board has shortened my sentence by two years.
- Michael Munson

The training was down to earth and very useful

After taking Reiki classes with Tara, I am much more comfortable feeling and working with the energy flow in the body. The training was down to earth and very useful. Tara has a way of eliminating any fears or intimidation around working with energy and she makes a sometimes “mystical” or “esoteric” technique feel very much of this world.
- Rusty Crum

She is a blessing to this 50-year old body

Every once in a great while, I meet someone who has passion, expertise and a love towards what they do for a career. Tara is one of those rare, one in a million people. I have traveled close to a million miles by plane and probably half that amount by car in the last twenty years, so my body gets a bit “out of whack” at times. Combine the travel with golf, power yoga and running and I often need a deep massage with extensive energy work to help me feel excellent again. Just last week in San Diego, Tara cured all my ailments again in just over an hour. I do not know how she has learned to be such an expert at such a young age, but I am so glad I could benefit from her healing hands in Scottsdale and now San Diego. She is a blessing to this fifty year old body and I cannot thank her enough!
- Neil Wood

Her intuitive ability is up there among the best

I really connect with Tara and she comes from a very deep place. Not only is her intuitive ability up there among the best, but her desire to clear and cleanse always amazes me that we get RIGHT TO IT, the focus of which is why we are doing the session. Thanks, Tara, for giving your gift.
- Diana Quick-Williams

Tara is a jewel among clairvoyants

I would recommend her work to anyone wanting to integrate old issues and take their vibrational frequency to a higher level. You will find her work to be accurate and profoundly healing.
- Lindsay Senecal

A Reiki session with Tara changed my mind

I always thought getting a massage was a better idea than getting energy work, but a Reiki session with Tara changed my mind! Tara definitely moves energy. I now look forward to my weekly Reiki treatments.
- Keno Weingarten

I left feeling incredible

I went to my first session with Tara not quite sure what to expect. I had met her once before in a social setting and could tell that she had found her life’s work and was a very loving person, so I felt confident that I would be in good hands, so I scheduled an appointment. When I got there she put me at ease, I felt relaxed and comfortable, and we talked for a bit before she started. I came seeking massage and possibly some Reiki, but her gift as an intuitive quickly became evident, and I just relaxed and let her do whatever she felt would be the most beneficial for me. She offered some gentle suggestions for finding more balance in my life, and she helped move my energy around so I felt more grounded and aligned. She did Reiki, spending extra time on my throat chakra, and helping clear some blockages there and she did intuitive massage. The session was fantastic, relaxing, re-affirming, and I quickly booked a follow-up appointment. She is a true professional and master at what she does and I highly recommend her to anyone who feels out of balance either physically, emotionally, or energetically, and who wants to get a “tune-up”. Because I left feeling incredible, I intend to see her on a weekly basis now, and this unsolicited testimonial is my way of saying “Thank you, Tara!
- Ryan Harris

One of the most profound experiences I have ever had

The Third Eye Mastery course with Tara was one of the most profound experiences I have ever had. I was lead to the deepest part of my being and to the furthest reaches of the cosmos to help clear away energies and find my own life force again. It was a very powerful experience for me. I feel like I am more my true self than I have ever been. Life is alive and vital and clear! I now know I have support and guidance from other spirits that go through life with me that can help me when I need it. I know how to create and mock-up things I want to manifest. From simply sending someone a spiritual “hello” to calling on the Supreme Being to help negative energies leave my space, I have so many beautiful tools to take with me along the way! We are so much more than we see in the mirror. We are our past, present and future in a big ball of golden energy!
- Jennifer Peterson

Leaving you feeling centered, grounded, balanced, happy and vitally alive!!

Tara Brennan is that wonderful blend of intuitive and healer who with one session cleans your chakras and energy field leaving you feeling centered, grounded, balanced, happy and vitally alive!! As a healer myself, I highly recommend her to anyone who is stressed, unhappy, ungrounded, or just to take better care of yourself. You will be glad that you did!!
- Jessyca Osborn

I feel refreshed and alive!

feel refreshed and alive after every treatment I have with Tara. She has an amazing gift and I would recommend her to anyone who needs more clarity or enlightenment in their lives
- Shaun Winn

She has been an amazing teacher

Tara Brennan is a gifted, talented spiritual community leader that has embraced the spiritual development of many people in San Diego. For me she has been an amazing teacher, sharing her wisdom about meditation, grounding and energy management. She helped me in controlling my sensitivity and anxiety. She also was instrumental to learn to clean spaces and projects so we could move forward and progress. I highly recommend her for clairvoyant & psychic reading because she has a solid professional background and has evolved crating a beautiful and energetic community with monthly classes and events. As reader, she is intuitive and wise. I enjoy very much her community and I have meet very good friends on it! go to her class!
- Fran H.

Life Changing!

Sessions with Tara has truly been life changing. After I was diagnosed with post-partum depression, I began taking meditation and Reiki classes with Tara as well as receive Reiki sessions. What a healing combination! After some time, I was able to get myself off my antidepressants and once again learn to feel joy and happiness in my life. Tara came into my life when I needed the healing most. I feel truly blessed and am forever grateful!
- Susan M

Tara was Amazing

Tara was amazing. She answered all of my questions and I left the session feeling refreshed and with clarity. I originally paid for the 30 minute reading, but we went well over. Tara could tell that I could benefit from a longer session, and took the time to make sure I had a good understanding of her teachings before we said goodbye. I'm actually really glad we had the reading over FaceTime because afterwards, Tara sent me the recording of our session and I can go back and listen to it whenever I need to. Thank you Tara 🙂
- Cara Nutt

This Experience was Life Changing

I highly recommend Tara Brennan’s Energy Mastery Class. Before this class, I had never meditated and didn’t know what to expect. Tara guided me and taught me meditation tools and techniques which led to my spiritual awakening. This experience was life changing. I now have insight into myself and my inner being. I feel lighter, have clarity and understand the process of manifesting what I need at the right time. Tara’s readings have been healing and have helped me in the process of making past traumatic events less emotionally charged. During the reading, Tara sees your emotions, and past experiences. Then, she helps you release them vibrationally. She is very gifted and a spiritual healer.
- Kelly White
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